Summer, where are you?

Summer seems to be an elusive season this year. Late season snow, lots of cold, cold rain. Hardly any sunshine. Well technically it is still spring, but it should be summer. Or at least the weather should be better. Hell, I haven’t even been to the farmer’s market yet. I miss the warm weather. They say that global warming is a thing, but it doesn’t seem like it. They say this is just a weather pattern, which is different than global warming. Personally, I think the earth is going through a natural and normal change just as it has for millions of years. But this isn’t about who is right and wrong about that. This is about where summer is or when it will arrive. This is about photos.


So since my last post, several months ago, I have been out taking photos. As much as I like summer, it can’t be around for ever, at least not in Wisconsin. So I got out on a cold night in January to shoot the lunar eclipse of the full moon. Long night, really, really cold night, definitely not summer. But I did get the photo that I was after. You can see it in the Night Sky Gallery.


I did spend quite a few mornings in the cold taking pictures of the eagles in Sauk City. Once again it was not summer. As the weather warmed up some, the eagles moved on to their normal habitats. Eventually they were replaced by pelicans. Yup, I didn’t know that pelicans were in Wisconsin either. Still not summer though.

The weather warmed up some more, so I went to Horicon Marsh for the beginning of bird migration. I got there early enough for sunrise and discovered frost on the ground. Yeah frost, guess what? It still wasn’t summer. There were a plethora of birds at Horicon Marsh, got 20 miles of walking in and also got some nice pictures. I will be going back there soon, but this time Christina will be joining me. The bird pictures I took can be found in here, and the sunrises are located here.


Well, it’s been an interesting, cold and wet group of months. Along with getting out and taking photos, I changed a bunch of stuff on my website. I updated the galleries, so now comments can be posted in them. Some photos in the blog have disappeared do my changing how my photo are stored and sorted, I didn’t realize what was happening soon enough. Even with all the activity I have been up to I realized one important thing, it’s still not SUMMER!!!!

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  1. Scout May 11, 2019 at 9:00 am #

    You have a great perspective. I took time to look at some of the other photos in your gallery. I urge everyone to do the same. Thank you for showing us the world as you see it!

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