Crisp Fall Colors

Horicon Marsh

Crisp fall colors are what I am after right now. The leaves have changed in Wisconsin. In the north they are past peak, while still mostly green in the southern most parts of the state. But in the the center, there are some crisp fall colors.

Fall is a finicky thing. We all hope to see the crisp fall colors, but Mother Nature has a way of messing that up. Too much rain and late season heat wave tend to mess with the color display. (Yeah, yeah, I hear people blaming global warming, I think that is bullshit, but that’s for another post.) In addition to that, the strong winds take the crisp fall colors off the trees and blow them everywhere.

I did find some nice colors over the last couple weeks. Some were located up near Marshfield and others around Horicon. These can be found in the Reflections Gallery and Various Gallery.


Crisp fall colors aren’t only on the trees. The are also found in the cranberry bogs. As previously stated, I wanted to go find some cranberries during harvest. Well a few weekends ago Christina and I headed north and found some. The nice older gentleman that was harvesting them stopped to chat with us. Explained what he was doing and them invited us onto his land to take photos. Wisconsin hospitality runs high and we are always there to point each other in the right direction. Unfortunately, we didn’t get his name, but here are the cranberry pictures I harvested that day. Thanks to a kind gentleman who clearly enjoyed his work.

Well that’s all for now, check back for more fall colors.

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