Hello, I am Chuck Wagner, the owner and author of AChucksEyeView and here is a little bit about me. 

About page image of Chuck Wagner

First and foremost, I am an electrician, NOT a professional photographer or cook or artist or anything else like that. The only thing I consider myself a professional at is “Being Me”.  “Being Me” involves a whole range of activities, ideas and personal opinions. As for the things I do other than photography, that list is long. Some of those activities I am good at and the others, well they need improvement. However, I am always about findings something new to try.

About my family, it consists of 3 amazing adult children, 1 grandson and my buddy and pal Eddie (my Dog). In addition, I have 6 brothers and 6 sisters. Yes, my parents had 13 of us, and I am actually #12 in the list.

About my equipment:

  • Camera – Canon EOS R
  • Canon EF/EFS to RF mount adapter
  • Canon RF 800mm f/11 lens
  • Canon RF 24-105 mm lens
  • Canon RF 35mm lens
  • Canon RF 70-200 mm lens
  • 400mm Refractor Telescope Tube, tripod, camera mount, etc
  • Stargazer Tracking system for telescope
  • Assorted miscellaneous things (tripod, shutter release, etc)
  • Adobe LightRoom and Photoshop for all my processing needs.

Newest Item:

A big thanks to Sarah for the idea for the website name, to Dennis for starting me in this awesome hobby, and my team of eye surgeons that made sure I could enjoy what I see.

Lastly, it is my hope that I will find other photographers that I can highlight on this site to show their work and have them explain how they did it so others can learn.