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Spring Has Sprung

Chuck through a hole in a log. Taken by Christina Christina through a hole in a log. Taken by Chuck Spring has sprung. With all that is going on in this crazy world, the seasons […]

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Crisp Fall Colors

Horicon Marsh Crisp fall colors are what I am after right now. The leaves have changed in Wisconsin. In the north they are past peak, while still mostly green in the southern most parts of […]

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Fall Has Begun

Autumn Color Fall has begun again. Summer is over. Last year there really wasn’t much color in the trees. The weather kept changing between hot and wet, which made the leaves turn brown. So, as […]

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Sunflowers Are Back

Field of Sunflowers Sunflowers are back, wanna go? That’s all I had to say to Christina to get her to go. Sunflowers are her favorite flowers and I can understand why. They come in all […]

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It’s Hot Outside

It’s hot outside!! Oh, how I love those words. What do you get when you have temperatures in the upper 80’s and 90’s and add high humidity? Heat indexes near and over 100 degrees and […]

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Vacation has begun. Well it began a few days ago. With vacation came a new Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens for my enjoyment. Vacation and enjoyment go together and although it has been raining, I have […]

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Dennis – Guest Photographer

Dennis is our second guest photographer on the site. Dennis is the person that originally got me interested in photography. I have learned, and continue to learn, so much from him. Dennis uses a Canon […]

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Winter Frost

Winter frost, most times I hate it. But every once in a while, like this morning, I see some that makes me take a second look. Every season offers it’s own unique opportunities for all […]

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Happy New Year

Well another New Year has arrived, so welcome to 2019. With the New Year came snow. To be totally honest, I hate snow. It’s cold, wet and makes people drive like idiots. Sometimes snow can […]

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Milky Way and How I Got It, Now You Can Too.

The Milky Way challenge continues… The Milky Way can be a fickle thing and it’s always there. However, living in the midwest with all the lights (whether natural or artificial),  it goes unnoticed by a […]

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