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Spring Has Sprung

Chuck through a hole in a log. Taken by Christina Christina through a hole in a log. Taken by Chuck Spring has sprung. With all that is going on in this crazy world, the seasons […]

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Fall Has Begun

Autumn Color Fall has begun again. Summer is over. Last year there really wasn’t much color in the trees. The weather kept changing between hot and wet, which made the leaves turn brown. So, as […]

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Dennis – Guest Photographer

Dennis is our second guest photographer on the site. Dennis is the person that originally got me interested in photography. I have learned, and continue to learn, so much from him. Dennis uses a Canon […]

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Summer, where are you?

Summer seems to be an elusive season this year. Late season snow, lots of cold, cold rain. Hardly any sunshine. Well technically it is still spring, but it should be summer. Or at least the […]

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Sunflowers, Insects, The Milky Way and the week that was.

Sunflowers and Insects and the Milky Way, oh my. So in the last week I went out and shot sunflowers, insects and cranes with Christina. I got some shots of honey bees and a nice […]

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We have our first guest photographer.

Hi, I am excited to share with you my first guest photographer on the site. Her name is Christina and you can look at some of her pictures here. She is just starting out so […]

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Oh the challenges we face.

Hello, Well it has been an interesting few days in designing this website. So far I have changed themes several times but have decided this is the one for me. I hope you like it. […]

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My First Post

Welcome Well, this is the first post on my new site. Since this is new I guess I should explain what it will be about. As the site name describes, it is Chuck’s (yeah that’s […]

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